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RCOM H20-A219-10 ( MX PX USB Juragon 20 ) SMPS PCB ASM

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SKU : 253732632967 Category : Bird Incubators

R-Com 20 Series SMPS PCB ASM Part # H20-A219-10 This PCB is the part that fits in the back of the MX-20 PX-20 USB-20 or Juragon 90. It is the PCB that connects to the turning motor and fans. This is an authentic RCOM Part , brand new!! We sell a variety of R-Com parts, all are genuine R-Com parts. These parts are not returnable so please do verify if in doubt that the correct parts for your incubator are ordered.

Additional Information
Brand R-Com
Model H20-A219-10
Type Digital Incubators
UPC 0738283664854